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Interior Design

As of 2020, our home is the office, the school class, the playground, the restaurant, the shop, the gym and sometimes all at the same time. Is it no longer the comfort space where we rest and regain energy, after a long day away.

We now know (and feel) how the spaces we live in impact on our well-being and those around us. More than ever, our home requires reinvention and reorganization for the good of our physical and mental health.

Most of the times, it’s all about spatial design, adapt rooms functions or add/remove some furniture. At Tomaz we will work together with you and rethink your home and how to integrate everyone’s needs.

We provide an online service which includes consulting, plans explaining room alterations and shopping list if necessary.

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About Eliana Tomaz
Back in 1999 Eliana Tomaz started working in architecture and engineering fields. In 2001 the designer launched her own interior design business in the private sector and in 2005 she travelled to London where she studied at Central Saint Martins, University of the Arts London, gaining a BA (honours) Degree in Spatial Design. 
In the British capital she worked as a designer in public spaces like hotels and offices. Back in Lisbon, she successfully runs Tomaz Design, a product brand and spatial design services.

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