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EMES | the cushion for everyone

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EMES, the cushions we lounged a couple of months ago, has been a success. Cats and dogs – oh! and a squirrel - are happier than ever and we are thrilled with our customers feedback! Thank you all so much.

Truth to be told, EMES is not meant to be just for pets. Eliana designed this product to be for everyone and to make our homes more comfortable and stylish.

As she’s sharing with us here, one of her EMES is to meditate only.
The colour she picked is Ebony Brown because ebony, being a wood, and brown an earthy colour, she finds it more comfortable and quite to meditate.

Happy New Year all! May all you wishes for this year come true.

Ready to meditate? 

What about you? Do you have favorite colours and textures?

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